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Anatoliy Solodar

Anatoliy Solodar-Head Coach

Anatoliy is one of the premier tumbling and acrobatics coaches in the world. He has been involved with gymnastics more than 30 years and has earned his "Master of Sport," the highest designation recognized in the sporting field internationally.

A native of Ukraine, Anatoliy served as Ukraine National Team coach from 1981 through 1996. His athletes received more than 30 medals from the European and World Championships during this time.

Under his guidance, 23 of his students also earned the title "Master of Sport." He taught the first-ever triple flip (which involves a full twist in the first flip followed by a double flip in a tucked position). He also trained the first female student in the World to perform a double layout immediately followed by a double tuck.

Since beginning his coaching career in the USA, Anatoliy has had athletes compete in several Sports Acrobatics World Championships and the Sports Acrobatics World Age Group Games. Anatoliy is highly regarded as one of the top coaches in our country.


  • Honored Coach of the Ukraine
  • Outstanding Public Education
  • Master of Sport" in Acrobatics
  • USA National Championships Coach of the Year 2000
  • Western Region Championships Coach of the year 1999 and 2000 and 2005 and 2006

Jennifer Witkowski

Team Coach position is available

Requirements: Bachelor degree in Physical education or higher, experience in Acrobatic Gymnastics.

Gary Shim

Sasha Romankova-Recreational Gymnastics and Team Coach


Sasha started training as a gymnast at age of 5. At 8 years old she started to train as a synchronized swimmer. A native of Belarus, Sasha earned her Master of Sport. In Belarus she was a national champion in synchronized swimming. Sasha was also a winner of World Cups and international tournaments. Sasha has been working with children for the past 10 years.

Gary Shim

Gary Shim-Recreational Gymnastics Coach


Gary has been teaching sports activities for almost 25 years. He has been teaching gymnastics for the last 18 years. Gary feels that gymnastics is the most important skill any child could have.

Gary Shim

Tiana Sumaoang- Recreational Gymnastics Coach


Tiana took gymnastics when she was younger for about two years, and have been in love with the sport ever since. She continue to take gymnastics classes because she believes that our bodies are much more capable of what we use them for, and acro gymnastics is a fun and energetic way to stay fit and to learn new skills. She likes to teach the classes with a fun and light mood, while also making sure they learn proper techniques to help them become the best gymnast they can be.

Gary Shim

Sasha Nikolaeva-Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Sasha took gymnastics as a child for 4 years, as well as ballroom dance for 2 years. She is a stage actress and musician. She loves working with children in any setting-be it at a gym or at a theater. She believes that teaching kids gymnastics is teaching them a positive and healthy lifestyle. Fitness is essential to everyone's well-being!